The 2012 European Quizzing Championships will be held at the Dorpat Hotel and Conference Centre. The hotel is located next right to the conference centre and a shopping centre which also includes a multiplex cinema. A short walk away are the intercity bus station, the Aura Centre (swimming pool and water park), the newly opened and incredible Ahhaa Science Centre, and Tigutorn, the iconic residential house. Since the centre is situated in the centre of the city, a number of other attractions, including the old town, are within easy walking distance.

Getting to Tartu

By bus from Tallinn

Tartu is very well connected to Tallinn by bus with at least two buses an hour. The journey lasts around 2 hours and 30 minutes and average one-way ticket price is 10€. Every hour between 7 AM and 8 PM there is also a direct bus connection from Tallinn Airport to Tartu.

Timetables with ticket prices are here, just select Tallinn-Tartu or the opposite from the front page.

By train from Tallinn

There are four connections a day with one-way ticket prices around 8€. The journey lasts 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Check: http://www.edel.ee/274

By bus from Riga

There are three connections a day with ticket prices around 16€. The journey lasts 4 hours.

Check: http://www.luxexpress.eu/en

By plane

The newly renovated Tartu Airport currently has direct connections with Tallinn and Helsinki. There is a flexible shuttle service from and to the airport.

Closest major airports are Tallinn and Riga which have direct connections to many European capitals. Tallinn Airport has a good bus connection with Tartu.